Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan

81st season


  • On October 17th 2014
    The days of culture of Belarus in Armenia. “Chistiy golos” vocal group and Belarus state dance ensemble.
    The opening ceremony of the days of culture of Belarus in Armenia took place in national opera and ballet academic theatre after A. Spendiaryan on October 17th. During the concert performed Belarus state dance ensemble and “Chistiy Golos” vocal group.

  • On 25th October, 2014
    Elvira Uzunyan “The unfinished” conversation.
    On October 25th in the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre after A. Spendiaryan by the suppot of the Ministry of culture RA performed Armenian and Georgian famous opera artist Elvira Uzunyan’s “The unfinished conversation” evening . Armenian and Georgian popular opera soloists performed during the evening.

  • September 28, 2014
    “Gandzasar” Symphony (NKR)
    Conductor K. Durgaryan
    On September 28, in the spiritual calign of Artsakh, in Gandzasar Monastery, Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre Symphony Orchestra (music director and principal conductor, Honored Artist of Armenia Karen Durgaryan) performed the premiere of the "Gandzasar" Symphony written by a composer Milas Manasyan from Artsakh. M. Manasyan’s "Gandzasar" Symphony was recorded in 2012. The premiere of the symphony was dedicated to Feast of the Holy Cross of Varague and 25th anniversary of the re-opening of Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

  • 19 spetember, 2014
    Symphonic concert “Opera theatre in educationl centres”
    Pedagogical University

  • On October 14, 2014
    Military unit - Opera in the border regions
    Conductor K. Durgaryan
    43 opera soloists and symphonic orchestra artists performed in Tavush region’s military units. The concerts led by music director and principal conductor of the national opera and ballet academic theatre Karen Durgaryan. The project’s aim is to develop love for classical music among the soldiers and assure them that cultural artists are with them. Opera artists support the project with great enthusiasm and willingness.