Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan

81st season


Rules and Regulations to visit the Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater named after Al. Spendiaryan

Dear spectator,
Visiting a theatre was always an important event all the times. Ladies and gentlemen wore special during such occasions, with soirées and costumes. Nowadays we do not expect a strict dress code from our spectators. The main exceptions are sportswear and clothes that feature many external human features. Animals are prohibited to enter the theatre. Food and drinks are also now allowed, and the most important of all, it is prohibited to visit the theatre in an unstable state.

We would like to bring to your attention the following regulations:

Having received the ticket to visit the theater, the spectator is obliged to follow the rules and conditions in and around the theater’s periphery.

The theater’s administration bears the right to make changes within the actors without giving pre-notice. The change of actors does not become a reason to return tickets, except in case of solo concerts and creative evenings.

The spectators are obliged to behave with care with the Theater’s belongings. In case of losing personal belongings it is best to apply to the administration.

In order to be informed of any kinds of changes regarding events, the spectator can go to the ticket office, ask by telephone +374 10 53 33 91 or visit the official website’s “announcements” section.

An hour before the start of the concert/presentation the right is given to the spectator to enter the theater. Entrance begins after the first bell ring. After the third bell ring it is prohibited to enter the amphitheater and the parterre. In case of delay the spectator will be sat according to where the theater’s worker will suggest, while during the break it will become to sit at the noted place on the ticket.

All communication devices must be turned off during the presentation. It is forbidden to take pictures, record the presentation without taking a written authorization from the theater’s administration.

It is possible to deliver flowers to the artists in advance, through the two watchers on both sides of the stage, accompanied by a small writing.

It is prohibited to smoke within the territory of the theater.

In case of not following the rules, the administration holds the right to expel the disobeying person out of the theater.