Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan

81st season

back Gagik Gabrielyan

Gagik Gabrielyan
Consultant to the General Director on Artistic Affairs


He was born on May 22, 1952 in Yerevan.He graduated from the 47 elementary school in 1969. At the same time he studied at the musical school named after Alexander Spendiaryan.

In 1969 he studied at the Economics faculty of Yerevan State University.

In the years 1971-1973 he has served in the Soviet Army. From 1992 to 1997 he studied and graduated from Moscow Pan-Union Cinematography’s cinema production faculty.


1973- 1976 worked at Yerevan State University. Became president of “Young Artlovers” club.

1979-1981 worked at the “Yerevan” film Studio as assistant producer, principal of filming.

1981-1989 worked on documentaries, and later on at “Hayfilm” studio as principal of filming.

1989-1994 was titled vice-principal and later principal of Culture Center of Armenia by the Ministry of Culture of the Armenian SSR.

1994-1999 became principal of “Arno Babajanyan” foundation.

1999-2002 was titled principal of Cultural center of the Armenian Embassy in Moscow.

From 2002 till he is principal of the “Arm Khachaturian” foundation, at the same time he is coordinator of humanitarian affairs from the “Union of Armenians in Russia”.

From 2010 till he is adviser of cultural affairs for the Armenian Embassy in the Russian Federation.

He is married, has two children.