Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan

81st season

back Hrach Grigoryan

Hrach Shmavon Grigoryan
Vice-principal in artistic affairs


1957 November 28 Born in Yerevan

1965-1975 studied at Number 40 Elementary School

1974-1976 studied at Sayat-Nova’s musical school

1976-1981 studied at Yerevan’s Komitas State Conservatory and received the qualifications of soloist and bassoonist

1994 graduated Doctoral’s from the same Conservatory

Author of 6 Methodical articles.


1980-1985 has worked at the Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre named after Al. Spendiaryan as musician.

1980-1987 was soloist at “Tagharan” ancient music band.

1994-1998 musician at Armenia’s State Philharmonic Orchestra.

1986-1992 has taught at Kh. Abovian’s Youth State Institute’s culture faculty

1986-1999 was director and soloist at “Tagharan” ancient music band

1994 has taught at the Komitas State Conservatory

Since 1999 is vice-principal of the Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre


Has toured with the “Taghran” band in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Post-Soviet countries.


Was honored many prizes, one of which is the title of docent at the Komitas State Conservatory.